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When in Rome, do as the Romans do
posted by Lucy in Bulgaria on 29.10.2008 in 15:44

A short opinion on why foreigners so often feel separated (and in my opinion why should they really feel so). On why you shouldn’t act as a foreigner if you plan to find new home in another country.

When you are labeled with the term foreigner life becomes difficult. Whether you have selected to live in a new place or to spend your vacations there, local people often accept you suspiciously or don’t accept you at all.

Who’s to blame? Though I am to fall under the very same label, I believe that we foreigners often time do not deserve the trust and friendliness of locals in our new home country.

Foreigners generally like acting as foreigners. Recent discussions in a forum really made me believe that.

Most of the Westerners living in Bulgaria identify local culture with bad drivers, dirty streets, rude attitude and rip off attempts. If you happen to read carefully their writings, you will understand that Bulgarians are angry drunkards, who drive like insane, curse like insane and try to take advantage of the poor, innocent foreign souls.

People have said it a long time ago: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You have selected a new place, stop acting as a superior Westerner, accept local culture, accept habits and see the beauty of something new and radically different from what you are used to.

I took the decision to come to the country because of the one I loved. Then I fell in love with the country.

Once here, I decided to become as much Bulgarian as possible.

My how to guide: travel a lot, read about the history and politics of the country, and LEARN the LANGUAGE. Stop complaining of how difficult and unusual Bulgarians sounds, of how weird the alphabet is. Just talk to people, listen, try to read. Things will get better, promise.

Feeling alien is a result of acting alien. So, embrace the new home and accept it. Miracles will happen only after.

posted by Anonymous on 29.10.2008 in 17:19

I have to disagree with you.
As hard as one tries, cultural differences might be hard to overcome.
In addition, local communities sometimes might be distanced, it is normal for people to refrain from accepting something unusual. Only time can do the trick and a sufficient amount of it has to pass before things get better and acceptance finds its place.

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