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www.BulgariaInside.com is a product of Book Boutique Ltd and resulted from the efforts of a young and eager team. Our goal is to present Bulgaria, both its popular destinations and the little known spots that turn the country into an interesting tourism destination. We tried to show Bulgaria as a wonderful place rich in historic, cultural and natural landmarks.

The site is everything but a tourism offers portal. Numerous such sites exist. We want to inform. In the various sections, you will find information about Bulgarian cities, villages, alternative forms of tourism and many other ways to enjoy your vacation. You have probably heard about some places but we will try to reveal their hidden treasures, must-sees and wonderful little secrets that you can explore.

Often times people feel like taking a trip. Often times, however, they lack information. It might be a difficult task to learn more about the destination you are interested in. Google searches, phone calls and trip recollections will be insufficient to gather information about a new and little known place.Use the site and several clicks will reveal everything about the location, its attractions, accommodation opportunities and travel tips.

Our aim is to provide dynamic, constantly expanding content. Both users and our team will get the chance to enrich the site and to provide more information about places of interest. You only need to register to get the chance to publish your travel stories, photos, recommendations and tips. Registered users will also have access to the forum, the place where they can ask questions and exchange opinions. It will also function as a meeting point for people with similar interests and travel enthusiasm.

We will depend on your feedback to provide new content and enrich the sections that you find interesting and useful. Your participation will turn this site into a travel community with its own dynamics. So, enjoy www.BulgariaInside.com, have fun there, meet new people and ultimately - travel! Once back, you can upload your photos and story recollections to share the experience and help others discover the places that left an impression on you. Your opinion really matters and we will take into consideration each comment and suggestion to make www.BulgariaInside.com more user-friendly and beneficial.

Best regards,
the www.BulgariaInside.com team
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