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To benefit fully from the information and interactivity options of www.bulgariaInside.com, please read carefully the following terms and conditions before registering.

Clicking on the 'I agree button' signifies that you read and accepted these conditions:

1. The www.bulgariaInside.com inside team keeps the right to review information entered in the profiles, blogs and forum, as well as the photos that users have uploaded. We will modify and erase unacceptable entries. Administrators will monitor all interactive features for unacceptable content.

2. In case profiles contain unacceptable content, we have the right to block or erase them without prior warning. Administrators will contact such users to discuss the eventual recreation of erased profiles.

3. www.BulgariaInside.com aims to provide useful and interesting information and to act as a meeting place where people will exchange ideas and tips. We will not allow:
        - the publication of insulting and racist remarks
        - postings and comments that offend other users
        - fake, spam or commercial profiles and postings
        - the upload of photos that contain nudity or photos that are not topically connected to tourism and travel. Pornographic and commercial photos will also be erased
        - commercial and promotional activity

We maintain the right to review these terms and to add any other reason according to which profiles will be deemed unacceptable.

4. www.BulgariaInside.com cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and the information included in user postings and comments.

5. Profiles must be created for the purpose of sharing information in the spheres of tourism and travel. Profiles created for any other purpose will be erased.

6. Users have the right to upload photos in their galleries and by doing so, they give www.BulgariaInside.com the right to use and publish these photos for the purpose of enriching the site. Authors will be pointed but the photos can appear in any website section, in accordance to our needs.
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