The small town of Kavarna is located on Bulgaria’s northern Black Sea coast. Its population reaches only 13 000 people and its nature, though enchanting, limits the tourist traffic. Kavarna’s shore is rocky and sandy beaches are almost entirely missing.

One other feature attracts hundreds of tourists. Lovers of rock music meet in Kavarna each summer, where they can enjoy a festival and the performances of well-known bands and singers.

According to some, Kavarna still belongs to the 80s. Rock music strongly reminds everyone of the romanticism of past years, though Kavarna is up-to-date.

World-famous musicians and bands perform there each summer, many of them to return for yet another concert. Fans and performers seem to like the coastal town equally.

Kavarna’s charm does not stem from attractions. The town seems to be a place, where time has stopped and some recent developments, like intense construction, have failed affecting the area. Kavarna lacks huge hotels, aqua parks and massive developments. The small town and the music have proved sufficient for those who decide to spend their summer vacation there.

If you want to visit Kavarna, take a look at the municipal website, which features a list of cultural events taking place there. The list holds precise information concerning upcoming concerts.

The region offers numerous entertainment opportunities, in case you want to lend variety to your summer vacation. Want to visit a beach? The resort of Rousalka is located nearby and boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria.

The cape of Kaliakra is also located nearby. It is well-known for the wonderful nature and historic remains. Nature lovers, a protected area called Taukliman- the Bird Bay, is also located nearby. The preserve is the home of hundreds of rare bird species.

Kamen Briag, a tiny village, well known for the fig rakia and red wine made there, is located close to Kavarna. The archaeological preserve of Yaila, holding hundreds of cave dwellings, is nearby. Various archaeological remains and artifacts from a number of time periods can be seen there.

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