Kaliakra Cape

Kaliakra Cape

The cape of Kaliakra is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Bulgaria. Various legends have been told and wrap the story of the place in mystery. Cape Kaliakra attracts today’s nature lovers, those interested in bird watching, as well as people preferring ancient history. Kaliakra is located 60 km southeast of Varna, … Read more

St. Ivan Island

tallest St. Ivan island

St. Ivan island is one of the five islands close to the Bulgarian Black Sea shore. The island is situated 2 km north of Sozopol and is the tallest Bulgarian islands. In 1993, St. Ivan was named a protected territory in order to preserve a number of endangered bird species nesting there. Over 70 types … Read more


Dyuni Seaside Resort

Dyuni, a modern vacation village, is located in a beautiful bay between the coastal resorts of Sozopol and Primorsko. The area represents one of the most popular holiday spots on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. What makes the spot an attractive one is the well-preserved system of dunes, as well as the clean beaches and … Read more