Lyulin Mountain

Popular Lyulin Mountain near Sofia

Lyulin is one of the mountains located close to the capital city of Sofia. The mountain starts only a few km away from Sofia’s central part. The northern slope of the mountain houses the residential districts of Bankya, Gorna Banya, Malo Bouchino, Kniazhevo and Vladaya. The highest peak is Doupevitsa, reaching a height of 1256 … Read more

Central Sofia Synagogue

Jews form one of the oldest communities part of Bulgaria’s resident makeup. Historic evidence mentions the presence of Jewish communities during the reign of Roman emperor Caligula (37-41AD), a few decades before the Sack of Jerusalem. Later, the Balkans became the destination of various Jewish migratory waves. The latest and largest wave took place at … Read more


Bulgaria’s capital, the city of Sofia, is the biggest settlement in the country. Sofia is located in the western part of Bulgaria, in the vicinities of the picturesque Vitosha Mountain. The location makes climate in Sofia slightly harsher than in the rest of the country. Summer heat is moderately intense but winters usually turn to … Read more

Boyanski Waterfall

Boyanski waterfall Vitosha mountain

Sofia’s water-related masterpieces are almost entirely connected to the puddles that appear in the city after each rain. Well, a few exceptions do exist. One of them is a real waterfall, located a walking distance from the center of the city. Boyanski waterfall flows only five kilometers away from the residential district of Boyana. It … Read more

Cherni Vruh Peak

If someday you decide to view Sofia from high above, try climbing to Cherni Vruh peak. The peak happens to be one of the 100 national tourism sites. Cherni Vruh is Vitosha’s highest point, impressive with its 2290 m. To reach the peak, you can use one of the following routes. Option A includes walking … Read more