Lozenska Mountain

Lozenska Mountain nearby Vitosha

Lozenska Mountain is relatively small and sometimes remains unnoticed because of the nearby Vitosha. The mountain is located in western Bulgaria, south of Sofia. It is situated between Pancharevo and Pasarel. The southwestern border of the mountain reaches the Iskar dam region. The foot of Lozenska Mountain houses the villages of Gabra, Dolni Pasarel, Lozen … Read more

Cherni Vruh Peak

If someday you decide to view Sofia from high above, try climbing to Cherni Vruh peak. The peak happens to be one of the 100 national tourism sites. Cherni Vruh is Vitosha’s highest point, impressive with its 2290 m. To reach the peak, you can use one of the following routes. Option A includes walking … Read more