Prilep Village

Prilep is a small village in the Black Sea coastal region. It is situated 17 km away from the resort of Albena. Chiflik Choukourovo is an ethnographic complex functioning in the village. Several shows specially designed for children present the village customs and traditions. A museum complex tells more and the complex occasionally organizes special … Read more

Asparouhovo Village

Asparouhovo village is situated on the coast of Tsonevo dam, in the valley of Louda Kamchia River. The distance between the village and the city of Varna is 85 km. According to historians, the village was founded in the 8th century. Asparouhovo’s location changed, but some of the old buildings were preserved and now form … Read more

Iasna Poliana Village

Iasna Poliana Village

The village of Iasna Poliana is situated 12 km away from the town of Primorsko and 36 km away from the coastal city of Bourgas, on the slopes of Strandzha Mountain. Centuries-old forests surround the village and Diavolska River flows nearby. Until 1934, the village was named Ailan Kairak, which in Turkish means sunny place. … Read more

Kosharitsa Village

One of the villages that develop successfully rural tourism is situated in the region of Nessebar and is called Kosharitsa. The village is located in the eastern part of Stara Planina Mountain, six km away from the coast. The village offers incredible view. Look to the east and you will see old Nessebar and Pomorie. … Read more

Krapets Village

Krapets Village at the Black Sea Coast

Krapets is a village situated 10 km away from the town of Shabla and 90 km from the city of Varna. It is situated right on the shoreline. Transportation reaches Krapets both from Varna and from Dobrich. The little village has preserved its atmosphere of a traditional fishermen’s settlement. Though many investors have shown interest … Read more