Traditional Climbing in Bulgaria: Exploring the Majestic Mountains

Bulgaria, a country known for its diverse natural landscapes, offers a plethora of opportunities for traditional climbing enthusiasts. With its numerous mountains, such as Vratsa, Lakatnik, Bozhenitsa, Veliko Turnovo, Lovech, Sliven, Karloukovo, Shoumen, and Varna, climbers can indulge in their passion surrounded by breathtaking scenery. One of the most intriguing climbing destinations in Bulgaria is … Read more

Ice Climbing in Bulgaria: Conquering Frozen Cascades

spectacular ice climbing in Bulgaria

Ice climbing is a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping sport that involves ascending frozen waterfalls and icy cliffs using specialized equipment. As the name suggests, ice climbers aim to conquer these frozen cascades, pushing their physical and mental limits to reach new heights. While ice climbing can be practiced in various locations around the world, Bulgaria offers … Read more

Boulder Climbing in Bulgaria: Conquering the Rock

Boulder climbing, also known as bouldering, is an exhilarating sport that has gained popularity worldwide. In Bulgaria, this thrilling discipline has taken root and has become a favorite among adventure enthusiasts. Each year, a state championship is organized, attracting climbers from all over the country. With its unique landscapes and challenging rock formations, Bulgaria offers … Read more

Climbing in Bulgaria: A Thrilling Adventure in Diverse Landscapes

various possibilities for climbing in Bulgaria

Climbing is a thrilling sport that challenges individuals both physically and mentally. In Bulgaria, climbers have the opportunity to explore various disciplines, including boulder, ice and mix, traditional, artificial, and alpine climbing. Each variation offers a unique experience, catering to different skill levels and preferences. Boulder Climbing: Conquering the Rocks Boulder climbing is a popular … Read more

Alpine Climbing in Bulgaria: Conquer Rocks and Ice in Maliovitsa and Vihren

fascinating alpine climbing in Bulgaria

Alpine climbing is considered one of the most challenging disciplines in the world of mountaineering. It requires a high level of skill, experience, and physical fitness. Bulgaria offers fantastic opportunities for alpine climbing, with its stunning mountain ranges and diverse terrain. In this article, we will explore the alpine climbing options in two popular regions … Read more

Horseback Riding in Stara Planina

Horseback Riding in Stara Planina

Horseback riding in the Stara Planina Mountain region offers a wide range of opportunities for riders of all levels of experience. With diverse routes and varying durations, riders can choose the adventure that suits them best. However, it is recommended to allocate at least five or six days to fully immerse yourself in the region … Read more

Trekking in Rila: Exploring the Beauty of Bulgaria’s Mountain Range

Mountain trekking in Rila

Rila Mountain, located in southwestern Bulgaria, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering stunning landscapes, pristine nature, and diverse trekking opportunities. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a casual hiker, trekking in Rila has something to offer for everyone. From the majestic peaks of Maliovitsa and the enchanting Seven Rila Lakes to the breathtaking … Read more

Trekking in Pirin: Exploring the Beauty of Bezbozhkoto Lake and Beyond

Trekking in Pirin

Pirin, a majestic mountain range located in southwestern Bulgaria, offers an unparalleled trekking experience for outdoor enthusiasts. With its rugged peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and breathtaking vistas, Pirin is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers alike. One of the must-visit landmarks in Pirin is Bezbozhkoto Lake, situated at an altitude of 2239 meters. This article … Read more

Biking in the Rhodopes

Biking in the Rhodopes Mountains

Rhodope Mountains have some of the most picturesque regions in the country. The summer there is truly green and the wonderful sites make many tourists fall in love with the mountain. The Rhodopes feature natural, historic and ethnographic landmarks. As in other parts of the country, lovers of extreme experiences have created tracks that combine … Read more