Ahtopol is located 90km south of the coastal town of Bourgas and is one of the sunniest and warmest places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Because of the sunny weather, the temperature of the sea water remains high and bathing is viable from May to October. Ahtopol is located within a rocky peninsula in the foot of Strandzha Mountain. The beach is 2km long and covered with fine, white sand.

The town carries evidence of various historic periods, from ancient times to recent developments. The earliest signs indicate the settlement was used by the Thracians. Romans got control over the place in the 6th century BC and named it Peronticus.

Later, the Byzantine ruler Agaton renewed the settlement after barbarian forays and gave it the name Agatopolis. Slightly modified, the name remains until present days and means City of Love.

In XIV century, the town came under Ottoman rule and received the name Ahtenbolu. Over the centuries, the town suffered several conflagrations after which it was rebuilt.

Various remains have been found in the sea, close to Ahtopol’s shore. Parts of various ships among which stone and metal anchors show that Thracians, Greeks and Romans had influence over the region. Another finding, a wooden figurine representing a man in tail-coat is connected to XIX century British sailors.

Ahtopol’s most famous tourist attractions are the remains of the city walls, a mural painting representing the foundation of the first Bulgarian state in 681, a church built in 179 and St. Yani monastery and a fountain representing a Thracian horseman.

Nowadays Ahtopol has turned into a small resort town. It has numerous family hotels, private accommodation opportunities and bungalows. Local restaurants will get you acquainted with marine delicacies.

The narrow road and the distance from popular resorts make Ahtopol a quiet and peaceful vacation spot, mainly preferred by families and elderly visitors.

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