The town of Primorsko is located 52 km south of Bourgas on a colorful peninsula in the foot of Strandzha Mountain.

Primorsko and the nearby territories have their rich history. Early data shows that an ancient settlement was found on the area where currently the town is located. This settlement was involved in trade and commerce with other states.

Artifacts found in the area made historians believe that the settlement was the ancient town of Ranouli. Visitors can see the remains of the city walls on Vulchanovo Kale hill, close to the town.

In 2003 archaeologists found a sanctuary that they had been long looking for. They believed that the sanctuary must be located somewhere close to the remains of the ancient city. The sanctuary and observatory of Beglik Tash was constructed using large stone blocks, arranged in irregular circles. The sunlight, passing through the cracks formed a calendar.

Historians believe the sanctuary was constructed in the 14th century BC and was used until the 5th century BC. This is the biggest megalith sanctuary found until present in eastern Bulgaria.

Primorsko is also a modern tourism destination, located in a clean region away from industrial production and pollution.

The purity of the region is confirmed in yet another way. Part of Via Pontica, the migratory route of birds, passes over Primorsko. Beaches in the area are wide and the sea water is rather clean.

The preserve of Ropotamo is located close to the town. Several other protected areas, among which Arkoutino, Vodni Lilli, Morski Pelin and Stamopoulo swamp are also located nearby.

Lovers of historic tourism can visit the nearby villages of Yasna Polyana and Novo Panicharevo known for their churches and museums.

Primorsko and Kiten’s combined accommodation capacity exceeds 70 000 beds. The two resorts have more than 250 restaurants, cafés and bars. These tourism resources turn the two resorts into a preferred coastal spot.

The two attract mainly younger tourists. Both Kiten and Primorsko have numerous night-time and entertainment spots, appealing to this group of visitors.

Families and elderly tourists usually turn to calmer destinations like Sinemorets, Rezovo and Varvara in the south and Balchik, Albena and Krapets in the north.

The construction of golf complex Primorski Golf began in 2007. The complex will be set up close to Ropotamo River and is supposed to start functioning by 2009. This investment will appeal to wealthier tourists from Bulgaria and abroad, willing to combine the golf experience with a seaside vacation.

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