What makes Bansko one of the most preferred spots for sports and recreation in Bulgaria is the combination between beautiful nature, modern sport facilities, rich culture and numerous accommodation and entertainment opportunities.

This little town in the foot of Pirin Mountain has rich history. Several years ago, Bansko was hardly accessible and very small but gradually developed.

A number of well-known Bulgarians were born there. At the same time, ancient remains speak of a developed civilization that settled in the Pirin region.

Numerous characteristics can be used to describe Bansko. Number one in the list undoubtedly is the excellent winter sports conditions. Modern facilities and the excellently preserved traditional looks of the town come next in the list. Despite the constant tourist flow, Bansko has managed to preserve its authenticity.

Bansko features numerous accommodation opportunities. Options satisfy differing tastes and are affordable both for richer and less financially endowed tourists. You can choose among five-star hotels and accommodation in traditional houses.

The number of functioning mehanas in Bansko is several hundred. Each one is old enough to offer authentic traditional dishes, following local recipes.

Local cuisine must be described in a separate chapter. Lovers of culinary experiences will come back to the town again and again. Make sure to visit mehana Dedo Pene. It features both impressive interior design and traditional Pirin dishes. Another must-see is mehana Motikata where you can taste one of a kind banitsa with Turkish delight.

To get a complete picture, try dining in several mehanas. Some of the items that you must taste include banska kapama, shishlik, chomlek, katyk (a dairy product, sometimes served as salad) and dozens of other local culinary temptations.

Apart from the modern ski tracks, Bansko offers other sports option. The length of the tracks exceeds 55 km. The valleys of Mesta and Strouma rivers have been used to develop safari options, mountain biking, rafting and hiking.

The Pirin region has a number of hiking routes. The most popular tourist destinations include Bezbog cabin, Demyanitsa cabin, Gazeyskite lakes and Gazeyska River, Vihren cabin, the peak of Vihren, Yavorov cabin and the five mountain lakes.

Rocky mountain slopes, situated just above Bansko, offer excellent opportunities for rock climbing. Bansko organizations have included in their portfolios interesting trips combined with climbing. These organizations take care of instruction and equipment.

Bansko’s most popular attraction is nature park Pirin. The park happens to be the home of various rare species, among which edelweiss. Bulgaria’s oldest tree, a white fir that is 1300 years old, can be seen there as well.

Apart from sports and nature observation opportunities, Bansko has several mineral springs that make the region one of the most popular spa destinations in the country. Bansko, the villages of Banya and Dobrinishte offer numerous spa treatment options. Each bigger hotel in the region has its pool and attracts tourists during the summer with sunbathing and swimming opportunities.

Other attractions of the town include historic sites. The house museums of Neofit Rilski and Vaptsarov can be seen there. During the summer the town hosts a jazz festival. World-famous musicians perform there.

Bansko also features numerous shops, clubs and bars. The town offers transportation to the nearby resorts and destinations.

Yet, if you are getting ready for peaceful rest, have in mind that Bansko happens to be a noisy resort. Most of the tourists in Bansko are younger, since the town offers various entertainment opportunities.

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