The biggest winter resort in the Rhodopе Mountains region is called Pamporovo. It is also one of the biggest mountain resorts in the country.

Pamporovo is located 260 km away from Sofia, 85 km away from the city of Plovdiv and 15 km away from the town of Smolyan. The Mediterranean Sea strongly affects the climate of the resort.

Nearly 20 hotels offer accommodation. The beauty of the mountain region makes Pamporovo suitable both for a summer and for a winter vacation.

The resort has various ski tracks with differing difficulty level. The entire length of Pamporovo’s tracks reaches 25 km. Infrastructure includes nine tow lifts and five lifts. An artificial snow machine was recently installed. Pamporovo happens to be one of the sunniest resorts in Bulgaria, yet its snow cover remains suitable for skiing over a long period of time.

Pamporovo is situated below Snezhanka peak. The peak has a 156-m high television tower and offers incredible view of the Rhodopes. People say that during fair weather you could see the Aegean Sea from the peak. Some of Pamporovo’s ski tracks start from Snezhanka and go down.

During the summer, Pamporovo offers coolness and peace. The number of tourists is much smaller than during the winter and you can enjoy some genuine rest.

Various interesting sites are located in the region. Organize one-day trips and visit the nearby villages of Shiroka Luka, Stoikite, Gela, Bachkovo and Smilyan. Bachkovo Monastery and Asenova fortress are also nearby. The towns of Chepelare and Smolyan, the Smolyan lakes and Choudnite Mostove natural phenomenon are situated a walking distance away.

The Rhodopes are also known for the numerous caves. One of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria, Ouhlovitsa, is situated near Smolyan. Yagodinska, Dyavolskoto Gurlo and Haramiyska caves are near the spa resort of Devin. Chepelare has the only speleology exploration museum on the Balkan peninsula.

Biking conditions near Pamporovo are excellent. From the resort, you could reach the Rozhen observatory, Mechi Chal peak and the villages of Shiroka Luka and Stoikite.

The bigger hotels in the region offer spa and recreation procedures, if you decide to spend your vacation in a lazy manner and to spoil yourself a bit.

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