Borisova Gradina Park

Sofia has various parks, a few of which quite big. The biggest park in the capital is called Borisova Gradina. It is situated between Orlov Most (eagles’ bridge) and Vassil Levski stadium, parallel to Tsarigradsko Shose boulevard.

The park’s old name used to be Freedom Park (Parka na svobodata). Today, Borisova Gradina is the biggest and best maintained Sofia park. Old monuments are there for you to explore, while walking the numerous alleys.

A Swedish specialist was invited to overlook the construction of the park shortly after Bulgaria’s liberation. He worked on it several decades.

Over the years, the park expanded. New plants were added, mainly flowers. New facilities like places for sports and rest were added, as well.

Borisova Gradina used to include Ariana lake, a favorite place of both adults and children. From that starting point, you can head to the numerous alleys.

The leisure time opportunities are numerous. Borisova Gradina has its restaurants, tennis courts and other sports facilities. Bulgarska Armia stadium is also situated there, as well as Maria Louisa swimming pools.

A summer stage was recently renovated there. It also features benches for the audience and is suitable for summertime music events.

One of the biggest socialist-time monuments is also situated in this park. It carries the name Bratskata Mogila (brotherhood mound).

Equestrian policemen are responsible for the park’s security.

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