Bungee Jumping in Bulgaria

It is part of the human nature to push oneself to new limits. There is nothing more daring than challenging fate and surviving to tell about it.

Bungee jumping interests both seekers of new experiences and those terrified of the activity that would like to overcome their fears. According to experts, bungee jumping is one of the safest sports and the chance to get hurt while riding a bike is much higher. Yet, bungee jumping really scares people. Mostly because you have to step on the edge and make a jump into the vast nothingness.

Bulgaria offers numerous self-challenge opportunities.

Jumps are organized at several locations and the heights differ. You can jump above the sea, from cave ceilings, from a hot-air balloon or over rivers.

Two sports clubs in Bulgaria offer such jumps, Vertikalen Sviat (vertical world) and Adrenaline. Adrenaline holds the rights over jumps from Asaprouhov bridge, near the coastal town of Varna. Vertikalen Sviat organizes bungee tours, jumps from the extremely high Vitinia pass and cave jumps.

Beginners should get started with a jump from a smaller height. Vitinia with its 120 m is not recommendable for the faint-hearted.

Jumping from the Bounovo rail bridge is less scary because of the 30 m of height. The surroundings are friendly and green, differentiating the location from the asphalt-clad Vitinia. A bridge near the town of Klisoura offers a bigger height of 60 m.

If you decide to spend your vacation at the seaside, combine the beach with an extreme experience. Adrenaline teams can be spotted on Asparouhov bridge on Saturdays and Sundays. What makes the jump different is the location of the bridge over the sea. In case you want to, you can dip yourself into the seawater before the rope pulls you back up.

One experience that is suitable for all who fall in love with bungee jumping and have some more funds to dedicate to the activity is Vertikalen Sviat’s bungee tour. The tours include five or six jumps from varying locations. A final jump is usually more unusual and can be organized from the ceiling of a cave. Devetashka and Prohodna caves can be used for the purpose.

Transportation and accommodation are not included in the price of the tours.

Adrenaline organizes another interesting activity. Jumps from hot air balloons offer bigger heights. These vary from 50 to 150 m and the free fall is between 15 to 35 m. Such jumps are usually organized in Sofia but the location can be negotiated.

Once you get used to the classic jump, try one of the variations. The pendulum is a jump in which the ropes pass under the bridge, allowing the jumper to swing.

A team jump and a night-time jump can also be organized. The two clubs have websites that include schedules and prices for all the services. You can contact them directly to organize a specific for you extreme vacation.

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