Bulgaria’s oldest ski resort is Borovets. It was created in the end of the 19th century when knyaz Ferdinand decided to go hunting in the area. He built a residence there. Soon, other residents of the capital started spending their vacation there. Many villas were constructed.

Until the 40s of the 20th century, the resort carried the name Chamkoria. Representatives of the elite spent both summer and winter months there. In the 60s and 70s, the resort grew and got many hotels. Borovets got its winter sports facilities and turned into the most popular Bulgarian winter resort.

The proximity to Sofia still keeps Borovets among the most popular resorts in the country.

Borovets is situated in Rila Mountain, below Mousala peak. The altitude is 1350 m. The resort has more than 58 km of ski tracks. Lifts and infrastructure are modern and have relatively big capacity.

A cabin lift will take you to Yastrebets peak. Going up during the summer offers wonderful view of Rila.

Numerous hotels offer accommodation. Prices vary according to the conditions. Bungalows are available, as well, some of which have saunas installed.

Private villas can be rented as an alternative to hotel and bungalow accommodation. Most of the villas have been categorized with four or five stars and rents tend to be relatively high.

Many restaurants and clubs function in the resort. Prices are often times above the average. Though the food is tasty, do not expect major culinary temptations. Most of the tourism packages offer all-inclusive accommodation and you would not be forced to depend on the expensive food in the restaurants.

Apart from skiing, Borovets offers numerous entertainments. Some of the hotels have swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. Enjoy massages and spa procedures, as well.

Bowling and mini-golf are also available. Try biking and horseback rides as an alternative.

During the summer, explore the region near Borovets. Go up to Yastrebets and from there hike to Mousala peak. The walk lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. Mousala hut is the oldest in the country.

From Borovets, you can also reach Tsarska Bistritsa residence, located only few hundred meters away from the complex. On occasions, the residence is open for visitors. You can explore only in case members of the royal family are away.

Tsarska Bistritsa is one of the most beautiful sites in the vicinities of Borovets. Several generations of royals have constructed a beautiful hunting hut. Te big yard features rare plant species. A small electricity plant functions, providing the entire complex with power. The plant has been functioning since 1912 and has not been repaired in nearly one century.

The most beautiful part of the complex is situated on the bank of Bistritsa River. Tsarska Bistritsa also has a small ski track and an artificial snow machine.

Various routes start from Borovets. Reaching Mousala peak will take you six hours. Other paths will take you to Sitniakovo palace (1.5 hours), Chakur Voivoda hut (2.5 hours), Saruguol palace (three hours), Maritsa hut (4.5 hours) and Zavarchitsa hut (six hours). Make sure to hire a local guide since Rila is known for the recent weather changes.

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