Lyulin Mountain

Lyulin is one of the mountains located close to the capital city of Sofia. The mountain starts only a few km away from Sofia’s central part. The northern slope of the mountain houses the residential districts of Bankya, Gorna Banya, Malo Bouchino, Kniazhevo and Vladaya.

The highest peak is Doupevitsa, reaching a height of 1256 m. Only a few years ago, the peak was inaccessible. Dobrinova Skala, another mountain peak, offers great view of Sofia.

Lyulin Mountain is popular among Sofia residents. People go there during the weekend to have a picnic or for a walk. The routes are well-marked and visitors will have difficulty getting lost there.

A few faucets offer refreshment during your mountain walk.

Several monasteries are located on the territory of the mountain. Among these are the Gornobanski monastery, St. Cyril and Methodius, Vladayski and St. Petka monasteries.

The mountain routes are both close to nature and to populated areas, which makes them suitable for mountain lovers who prefer staying closer to civilization.

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