Boyanski Waterfall

Sofia’s water-related masterpieces are almost entirely connected to the puddles that appear in the city after each rain. Well, a few exceptions do exist. One of them is a real waterfall, located a walking distance from the center of the city.

Boyanski waterfall flows only five kilometers away from the residential district of Boyana. It also happens to be the largest waterfall of Vitosha Mountain.

You can reach the waterfall from Boyana, following Boyanska River. The walk lasts an hour and the final part involves climbing up a steep path.

If you love extreme and alternative forms of tourism- try climbing up the waterfall during the winter. Boyanski waterfall is one of the few places in Bulgaria that offers good conditions for ice climbing. The waterfall freezes in two separate branches. The two offer differing difficulty levels.

The left branch is less steep while the right branch is suitable only for professional ice climbers.

Boyanski waterfall unnecessarily is the final point of your walk. From the waterfall, you can continue up to Bay Krystio alley. From there, you can go down to Zlatnite Mostove.

During calm weather, the waterfall can be seen from the central part of Sofia. This is possible especially during the spring, when snow begins to melt. Boyanski waterfall could clearly be seen from the National Palace of Culture in the center of Sofia.

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