Two of the Vitosha must-sees are Zlatnite Mostove and Kopitoto.

The television tower set up in the area creates the illusion of mobility, as you look at its 100 meters of height.

Kopitoto area is located in Vitosha, at an altitude of 1350 m. The distance from Sofia is insignificant.

An entire tourism center has formed, using the tower as its focal point. The center has its restaurants and shops.

A walk from Sofia to Kopitoto lasts an hour and a half to two hours. Your starting point should be either Kniazhevo or Ovcha Koupel residential districts. Public transportation and lifts can make your trip to Kopitoto easier.

Kopitoto is actually one of the lower Vitosha peaks. The television tower has been built in its western part. The tower can clearly be seen from Sofia.

The tourism center has its luxurious five-star hotel. Hotel Kopitoto is located in the eastern part of the complex and works year-round.

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