Any ideas what the common thing between the cape of Kaliakra, clam farms, caves, rare bird species and beautiful bays is? Here is a clue – all of these are located very close to the village of Bulgarevo.

Bulgarevo is situated close to the cape of Kaliakra and since recently it offers opportunities for calm seaside rest in village surroundings.

The population of Bulgarevo is only 1500 people. Yet, the village offers various accommodation opportunities. A number of websites list the offers of villas, family hotels and private dwellings in Bulgarevo.

What makes Bulgarevo an interesting place is the fact that its residents are of Gagauz origin. These people speak a modified form of the Turkish language but practice East Orthodox religion. Some old traditions have been preserved in the village.

Tourists who visit Bulgarevo have various options to spend their free time and see something interesting in the region.

Cape Kaliakra preserve is located nearby. Various bird and plant species inhabit the area. The resort of Rousalka is also near, in case you get tired of the calm village holiday and want to mingle with other tourists.

Lovers of culinary tourism can visit the region of Dulboka. A clam farm and a clam and marine food restaurant function there.

The regions of Bolata and Ptichia Zaliv (the bird bay) are also in the area. These two areas are the home of various birds and of rare animal species.

Underwater caves, antique settlements and beautiful bays are all located near Bulgarevo. Try exploring these places on your own and finding your favourite holiday spot.

At least seven caves are located in the region of Bulgarevo. Some of them are Yusek Maara, Hambara, Tymnata Peshtera (the dark cave) and Bolata Doupka.

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