Biking in Lozenska Mountain

Lozenska Mountain offers many biking options, including some for beginners. The proximity to Sofia allow residents of the capital to take a break for a day, since most of the trips take two to three hours to complete.

Some of the marked tracks begin in the village of German, near the wall of Pancherevo dam. The options are several. One will take you around the dam. You can also reach a hunting hut hidden in the mountain forests or you can bike to Germanski monastery.

Another path starts in the village of Dolni Lozen. From there, you will bike to Polovrak peak and you will pass near the Lozen monastery. You can organize yourself a picnic in the vicinities of the peak. Enjoy the breathtaking view while relaxing.

All of the biking paths in Lozenska Mountain are moderately difficult. Though they are short, it would be best to bring water and food along.

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