Biking in the Rhodopes

Rhodope Mountains have some of the most picturesque regions in the country. The summer there is truly green and the wonderful sites make many tourists fall in love with the mountain. The Rhodopes feature natural, historic and ethnographic landmarks.

As in other parts of the country, lovers of extreme experiences have created tracks that combine adrenaline rush with mountain beauty. The region of Pamporovo resort and Shiroka Luka village features several paths that combine biking with rural and eco tourism.

Other paths have been created in the region near Plovdiv and Assenovgrad. They will lead you to Zdravets and Rouen huts and to the village of Bachkovo.

The region near Velingrad and Tsepina peak is really suitable for biking. Nature in this part of Bulgaria is breathtaking and the area features many historic landmarks.

Though the experience is truly enthralling, have in mind that you need to be careful. Take enough food and water, as well as warm clothes since weather in the mountain is fickle.

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