Cherni Vruh Peak

If someday you decide to view Sofia from high above, try climbing to Cherni Vruh peak. The peak happens to be one of the 100 national tourism sites.

Cherni Vruh is Vitosha’s highest point, impressive with its 2290 m.

To reach the peak, you can use one of the following routes. Option A includes walking from Zlatnite Mostove to Koumata cabin. From there, you start the actual climb to the peak. The entire hike lasts three hours and a half.

Option B involves a longer hike, starting from the village of Yarlovo, through Siva Gramada peak. The walk lasts nearly five hours.

Cherni Vruh is also accessible from Aleko (a hike of an hour and a half), Tintyava cabin (three hours and a half), Edelvais cabin (two hours and a half), Chouipetlovo village (four hours and a half). Make your research in advance, since some of the routes lack clear marking.

Vitosha is the only mountain in Bulgaria that has two peaks forming its highest part. These are Cherni Vruh and Rezniovete. Another peculiarity of the mountain is its stone rivers.

The preserve Torfeno Branishte is located directly beneath the peak. Nearly 300 types of mosses and 500 types of algae can be seen there.

Other peaks located close to Cherni Vruh include Goliam Rezen, Malyk Rezen, Skoparnik, Koupena, Samara and Selimitsa.

Upon reaching the peak, enjoy the view that its tea-house offers. A meteorological station is also located nearby. Cherni Vruh happens to be the second windiest peak in Bulgaria. Be ready for some harsh wind, even during sunny and warm weather.

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