Mountain Walks: Dragalevtsi Monastery

If you happen to be one of those who are not in love with winter sports, mountains can offer you alternative tourism and leisure opportunities during the winter months. All you need is nice companions and a sunny day.

Vitosha Mountain has several paths suitable for walks, even when it is snowy. It would be best to select a short path that offers you the chance to relax.

One such walk will take you to Dragalevtsi Monastery. The monastery is situated three km away from the district of Dragalevtsi. During the summer, you can reach it following the road. In the winter, this would be difficult and the best option is to walk.

The walk can start from the central part of Dragalevtsi or from the first station of the seat lift. You might have difficulties finding a parking space, since the tourists using the lift leave their vehicles there.

Despite the slope, the walk is pleasant and the actual climb lasts only half an hour. Since signs are missing, it would be best to ask for directions. You can follow the mountain paths instead of the road but these are much steeper.

Before you reach the monastery, you will spot the residence of the Bulgarian patriarch. It was constructed in 1943.

According to historians, Dragalevtsi Monastery was constructed in 1345. It was destroyed in an Ottoman assault and reconstructed in the second half of the 15th century.

The monastery church is famous for its wall paintings. You are certain to notice these upon your entry. Dragalevtsi Monastery had a school and acted as a cultural and a revolutionary center.

No food and accommodation are offered in the monastery. You can visit one of the numerous Dragalevtsi restaurants. Have in mind that it might be difficult to find an available table during weekends.

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