Extreme Water Sports in Bulgaria

Extreme water sports are gaining popularity in Bulgaria. The options include rafting, canyoning, water cave exploration and kayaking.

Rafting in Bulgaria

A sport, where a raft is utilized to make a descent downstream. Rafting conditions are best during the spring. As with other extreme sports, clubs provide training and the needed equipment.

Rafting is possible in the Kresnensko gorge, where the rapids of Strouma River are. Iskur River also offers good conditions for six-member teams. Kroushounski waterfalls are best for experienced rafters because of the rapids and the water depth.

Some of the Bulgarian clubs that organize rafting weekends include White Water, Prikliuchenska Mrezha, Kushta za Knigi i Prikliuchenia, X Team.

Prices vary between 30 and 90 leva. Most clubs offer promotional prices towards the end of the rafting season.

Rafting can be combined with hiking and horseback riding, if you decide to organize yourself a weekend of adventures.


In this case, you follow the flow of rivers through canyons and waterfalls. Alpine climbing equipment is also used, since sometimes you might need to overcome rock obstacles along the way.

One of the options includes a four-hour trip down Vlahina River, in the region of Kresna town. The length of the route is 2.5 km and it includes five waterfalls.

The one-day trip costs 50 leva. Clubs offer weekend adventures and the combination of canyoning with other extreme sports.

Water Caves

These caves have huge chambers filled with water. The adventure includes getting inside these chambers and exploring the cave.

One of the biggest such caves in Bulgaria is Ponora, situated near the town of Vratsa. Conquering the cave lasts nearly four hours. Experts recommend entry of small teams for more safety. Equipment includes boat, lights and waterproof clothing. The cost of such adventure reaches 200 leva per person.

Some other caves that offer good conditions for the practice of this sport include Vodni Pech, Krachimirsko Vreli, Bashovishki Pech, Tsankino Vrelo and Kaskadata.


Kayaking involves both rivers and the sea. The options in Bulgaria are numerous.

The region of Strouma River, near the Kresnensko gorge, as well as Yantra and Iskur rivers offer good conditions. Mountain dams can be used, as well.

Clubs organize individual and group trips. It does not matter if you are experienced or only a beginner.

Kayaking takes place from April to the end of October. During fair weather, teams can move as much as 15 km downstream.

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