Hunting Tourism in Rousalka Station

Hunting tourism in Bulgaria is gaining popularity among Europeans. Over the past years, hunting stations in the country register high interest on behalf of both foreign and Bulgarian hunters, willing to pay for the experience. Such tourism is possible in the state hunting station Rousalka, Apriltsi.

The natural factors in the region combined with the large bio-diversity make it suitable for the creation of hunting tourism facilities. Visitors can select the game they prefer and the options include deer, boar and bear. The hunting station organizes horseback riding, eco tourism and photo tourism, as well.

Rousalka station makes use of two accommodation facilities. The price of each shot specimen is usually changed slightly each year.

Hunters can make use of two scenarios in their pursuit of valuable hunting trophies. The first scenario is suitable for individual hunters. A guide takes the hunter to a waiting spot and shows the animals that are best for the individual goals of the hunter. It is up to the hunter to shoot the animal.

The second scenario is best for groups of at least seven to eight people. Guides organize a real extreme experience involving the chasing of game making use of hunting dogs. Hunters are taken to several spots inside the station and are given only a short lunch break. This is a challenging experience and is suitable only for people in good physical shape that have past history in such events.

In both cases, visitors can select the type of game they would like to try their lick with. Most often the selection includes boar.

Foreign visitors needs to undergo customs inspection and must have a signed agreement for a hunting trip. Hunting permits are issued at the station itself.

The weight of all trophies, apart from boar, is measured the day after. Evaluation is performed by a state commission.

Hunting stations take care of all the documents needed for foreign hunters to take trophies out of the country.

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