Thracian Valley Wine Cellars

The South vine growing region includes the regions of Plovdiv, Haskovo, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, Lyubimets and Harmanli. Soil and climate there are suitable for the cultivation of mainly red wine grape types. Other types are grown as well. The unique for Bulgaria red wine type of Mavrud grows there.

Villa Vinifera winery was built in 1936. It is situated in the village of Bretsovitsa, near Plovdiv. The winery was under state ownership from 1944 to 1998. Private investors purchased it afterwards. Wooden containers and classic production methods are used. The cellar produces small quantities of both red and white wines.

Bessa Valley Wine Cellar is situated in the village of Ognyanovo, near the town of Pazardzhik. The cellar opened doors only in 2005 and its young age guaranteed it the use of modern equipment. The winery produces mainly red wines. The basement chambers are built in a rock, which provides natural isolation and constant temperature. Wine matures 12 months in wooden barrels.

Brezovo Winery was built in 1958 in the outskirts of Brezovo. In the past, the winery was famous with its wine Miscet from Brezovo. The production of the cellar consists mainly of high-quality red and white wines from cabernet sauvignon, mavrud, merlot, chardonnay, muscadine, Mecha Kruv, Sofia and Brezovo are among the winery’s popular brands.

Vinivel Wine Cellar was built in 1971 in Ivaylovgrad. In 2000, it got a new private owner and was reconstructed and modernized, making use of SAPARD funds. Cabernet sauvignon, merlot and small quantities of chardonnay wine are produced there. The local climate, influenced by the Aegean Sea, is suitable fort the growth of red wine grape types. Vinivel exports to the UK and US. In 2003, it created the brands Villa Armira, Paralel 41 and Yamantiev’s.

Nov Zhivot Winery is situated in the village of Brestovitsa, close to Plovdiv. It was built of stone in the 30s, following French design. The winery became private and underwent modernization. Some of the best cabernet sauvignon, merlot, mavrud and rubin wines are produced there. The brands of Erigone and Maximinus Thraxs are known for their good quality.

Pamidovo Wine Cellar is situated in the village of Pamidovo near Pazardzhik. It is still very new, founded in 1999, and makes use of modern equipment. Quality and table cabernet sauvignon, pamid, muscadine and merlot wines are produced there. Chardonnay, muskat and dimiat white wines also feature in its portfolio. Some Pamidovo red wines are popular abroad.

Puldin Wine Cellar is in Peroushtitsa. It was built in the 30s and reconstructed in the 60s and 70s. Since 2000, the winery is private. Mainly cabernet sauvignon, rubin, merlot and mavrud wines are produced there. Small quantities of white wines are also made. Some of Puldin’s most popular products include Wine from Breznik and Rubin Puldin from Peroushtitsa.

Todorov Wine Cellar is one of the most popular wineries in Bulgaria. It is situated in the village of Brestovitsa. Todorov exists since 1945 and came under private ownership in 2001. Then, the winery underwent total renovation. Now the winery produces limited quantities of quality boutique wines from cabernet sauvignon, merlot and mavroud. Its brands include Boutique, Teres and Gallery. Since 2004, the winery produces small quantities of white wines. Wine tasting is organized there.

Sakar Wine House is situated in Lyubimets. Since 1991, the winery is the property of a French company. This is one of the most successful wineries in the country lately. The region around Lyubimets is suitable for the growth of red wine grape types. Sakar’s wines received high marks in international wine fairs. Connoisseurs might be interested in itsDomain Sakar Merlot Reserve, Domain Sakar Cabernet Special Rezerve, Domain Sakar Cabernet Premium and Domain Sakar Merlot Special Selections.

Assenovgrad Wine Company is the successor of an old winery built in 1947. The company produces only red wines, mainly mavroud, cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Mavrud Golden Rhyton 2001, Navrud Reserve, Cabernet Plovdiv, Maxima Mavrud Reserve 1998, Maxima Mavrud 2000 and the most popular product of the winery – Mavrud from Assenovgrad are all known for their quality.

Peshtera Wine Factory is the successor of an old state-owned winery built in 1939. Today, the winery is property of an English company. Highly alcoholic drinks feature as its main production line. A number of quality red and white wines are also produced there. Bakhus and Peshtera are the two most popular brands.

Domain Menada Stara Zagora is the successor of an old winery built in 1947. In 1994, the factory was purchased by a private company and entirely reconstructed and modernized. A second ownership change occurred in 2002, when a French company acquired the winery. The change contributed to its modernization. A wide range of quality and table wines are produced there. Some of the most popular brands include Cherga 2002, Augusta Merlot, Traiana Cabernet Sauvignon, Old Red from Oriahovitsa, Domain Menada Merlot and Oriahovitsa Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.

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