Kosharitsa Village

One of the villages that develop successfully rural tourism is situated in the region of Nessebar and is called Kosharitsa. The village is located in the eastern part of Stara Planina Mountain, six km away from the coast.

The village offers incredible view. Look to the east and you will see old Nessebar and Pomorie.

Numerous findings from Thracian times make historians believe that the region was populated in ancient times. Kosharitsa was mentioned for the first time during the Russo-Turkish war registers.

Kalinata preserve is near the village. Kosharitsa’s vicinities have been included in the European environmental network Natura 2000 since the bird migration route Via Pontica passes over it.

If you like mountain biking, Kosharitsa offers numerous opportunities for the practice of that sport.

A few water basins nearby provide excellent opportunities for fishing lovers. Fishing is also possible due to the proximity to the sea. Hunting is possible in the nearby forests.

Several eco paths start from Kosharitsa and will allow you to take a pleasant walk in the mountain region.

Kosharitsa is suitable both for clubbing fans and for those who need a peaceful vacation. The proximity to Sunny Beach resort will allow you enjoy night life in the resort.

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