Krapets Village

Krapets is a village situated 10 km away from the town of Shabla and 90 km from the city of Varna. It is situated right on the shoreline. Transportation reaches Krapets both from Varna and from Dobrich. The little village has preserved its atmosphere of a traditional fishermen’s settlement.

Though many investors have shown interest in Krapets, it is still considered to be one of the few calm and silent places along the Black Sea shoreline.

Locals deal mainly with fishing and breeding. A famous local fish soup can be tasted there. The lake of Dourankoulak is situated nearby. There, you can fish carp and sheat-fish.

The opinions of tourists concerning the village of Krapets widely differ. Party animals happen to be bored with the peace and quiet of the seaside village.

Those, who search for a rest away from all the noise, fall in love with Krapets.

This fishermen’s village is located 90 km north of Varna and 10 km away from Shabla. Its inhabitants deal mainly with farming and fishery. The surrounding areas are almost entirely virgin and unexplored.

Mass construction has failed affecting Krapets. Since it is located in the north, the weather is slightly harsher. Visitors should go there before September, in case sunbathing is part of the plan.

What is to be seen in the area? The Dourankoulak Lake is located a kilometer northeast of Krapets. More than 260 protected animal and plant species have found shelter in the region.

The lake has been acknowledged as an area of international importance. Some rare bird species spend the winter there. Since it is located on the migration route Via Pontica, the lake plays important role in maintaining the region’s eco balance.

Two islands located within the lake have attracted the curiosity of archaeologists. One of the islands has been fully explored and archaeological works revealed a cave temple of the Thracian goddess Kibela.

The lake of Shabla and Ezereshko Lake are also located close to Krapets. Herons and other bird species can be spotted in the two lakes, connected to each other via artificial canal.

Tourists can make use of various accommodation options. House owners offer stay in their property and a luxurious hotel complex has been set up. Various options are already listed online.

Traveling to Krapets is relatively easy. The road from Varna leads to the Romanian border and has been kept in good condition.

Visitors warn that shopping opportunities in the village are limited. It might be a good idea to buy essential goods, like medicines, in advance.

Krapets has its numerous villas and houses that offer accommodation. Spending the night there will cost you between 15 and 35 leva. Renting a house will cost 100 leva. Most of these dwellings are located close to the beach.

Owners of houses can organize sightseeing, bike rides, boat trips and safaris for visitors.

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