Marine Garden in Bourgas

Ask any Bourgas resident about the city’s biggest landmarks and you will be directed to the marine garden. This is the most romantic place in Bourgas, situated in the very heart of the city.

Construction of the garden began way back in 1910. A young garden expert from Varna named Georgi Douhtev decided to apply in the setting up of the park all of the knowledge he gathered during his studies.

Douhtev turned the empty space into one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful gardens. Thank to his love for exotic plant species, the park features various unusual plants. A quarter of the garden has been named a monument of gardening art.

You could start your walk following Bogoridi street. The first thing to strike you upon entry in the park is the breathtaking view from its terrace. The marine casino is situated nearby, though not functioning today.

‘The Snail’ is situated next to the casino. It is actually a small stage that hosts concerts during the summer. The stage and the nearby fountains have turned into a favorite place for visitors, since this is the coolest place in the garden.

A monument of Pushkin is situated on one of the central park alleys. The monument was created in 1951. Bourgas residents often place flowers and wreaths there. Another important monument, that of Bourgas poet Hristo Fotev, can also be seen in the park.

The summer theater will present itself after a short walk. It hosts major concerts throughout the summer.

Bourgas marine garden hosted the traditional BlueZZfest each year. The event has gained popularity and brings together people from all parts of Bulgaria.

If you continue walking north, you will reach the Pantheon. This is a major building constructed during communist times. It has been abandoned long time ago, but high school graduates used to gather there each year upon receiving their diplomas.

The garden is also the site of the traditional international flower fest Flora Bourgas. For a few days each year this place turns into a colorful painting.

Several tennis courts and a horseback riding base are also housed in the garden. The several cafés will offer you some rest and refreshments if you get tired exploring the park. A few small restaurants are situated on the very sea shore.

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