Some cities have their own spirit and ambience. Bulgaria’s marine capital, namely Varna, enchants visitors with its specific salty seaside atmosphere and warmth.

Varna is an ancient city, found in the 6th century BC by the Thracians under the name of Odessos. Throughout the centuries, the city witnessed hectic events and stood out as significant political and economic settlement.

During the Roman and Byzantine presence in the region, Odessos turned into an important trade and harbor center. It changed its state belonging a few times but through the intervention of local rulers once again became part of Bulgaria.

While the Ottoman Empire reigned over Bulgarian territories, Odessos became a typical oriental city. Its connections to Mediterranean cities and states, however, gave it a modern dimension both city-wise and in cultural dimension.

Today Varna is the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea coastal city. Various resorts are located nearby and the city itself has a number of attractions.

Asking a local to determine the must-sees will add several sites to the list. Among these are Varna’s cathedral, the garden, the Roman spa and the city’s dolphinarium.

The marine garden seems to be one of the most peaceful, beautiful and well-maintained places along the coastline. This artificial park covers a large area close to the shoreline. During the summer nights, colorful lights change the ambience to suit the mood of the visitors and to let them find their own preferred spot.

Covert benches placed throughout the garden challenge visitors willing to explore.

The garden is the biggest artificially created park on the Balkans. Some of Varna’s tourism attraction can be seen there. The monuments of many Bulgarian revolutionaries have been placed in these calm surroundings.

Once night falls, visit the city’s cathedral. During the day the cathedral seems to be just a beautiful construction. Projectors reveal its true beauty at night. The cathedral is located in the central part of the city, close to the municipal building. One short walk will let you see both.

Apart from cultural and historic attractions, Varna has its diverse nightlife spots. The options are numerous. You can also indulge yourself in culinary pleasures, trying marine specialties in the many restaurants set up close to the beach. Menus vary and prices are much lower than the ones in the nearby resorts.

Varna’s beach is acceptable but sometimes overcrowded during the summer. In case you don’t like getting your blanket filled with sand, get tanned in one of the numerous cafés on the beach.

Accommodation options also abound. Hotels vary from inexpensive family-type to luxurious centers. Many apartment owners offer their property for rent upon your arrival to the train and bus station.

In case you decide to experiment, spend the night at a hostel. The price reaches up to 10 euro per night and you can meet other travelers attracted to this type of accommodation.

The resorts of St. Konstantin and Elena and Golden Sands are nearby. These places are commercial, noisy and colorful. They offer diversity in case you have already finished exploring Varna.

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