Silistar Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria, Silistar, is located several kilometers south of the village of Sinemorets, on the road to the village of Rezovo.

The river under the name of Silistar flows in the sea at that point. This predetermines the rich plant life in the area. Many types of birds, animals and fish inhabit the area.

Silistar is a protected area in the park of Strandzha. It gets the status of a preserve in 1992. Part of the plant and animal species found there are rare.

The beach is nearly kilometer long and 50 m wide. Though it is quite small, the beach is exceptionally beautiful. Cliffs line the shore, the sand is white and the water is clear. The seafloor is excellent for swimming.

Divers get excellent opportunities to practice their hobby. You should be careful, though, since the many underwater caves create suction.

Silistar is still known to few. The fact that it is located in a protected area has saved the beach from over construction. One sign of civilization is the shack in the end of the beach. It acts as a café and offers refreshments.

The road to Silistar is difficult to find. Many obstacles will hinder the passage of your vehicle as to resemble a safari ride. If you decide to take a walk in the nearby forest, beware of snakes. Some of them are venomous and dangerous.

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