One still unspoiled, non-commercial, tiny and slightly battered spot. This is Sinemorets, a coastal village that managed to keep away from the mainstream tourism developments allowing a peaceful vacation and a getaway place where you can enjoy total peace with a book in hand.

Sinemorets has preserved its spirit of a coastal village and lacks huge hotels and restaurants and noisy merchants offering souvenirs for sale.

The village is located between the town of Ahtopol and Bulgaria’s most southern coastal point, the village of Rezovo. This location and the relatively poor road conditions discourage the majority of visitors from spending their vacation there.

Very little of the village’s history has been revealed. Ancient documents carry only notes concerning fishery, trade and forestry in the region. Scientists have found the remains of ancient ships close to the rocky shore. These indicate that the region was populated thousands of years ago. Another finding giving some information about the local population is a Thracian tomb.

Over the centuries Sinemorets was moved several times from the slopes of Strandzha Mountain to the shoreline. Pirate assaults caused the frequent relocations.

Today Sinemorets gains its tourism attractiveness because of the wild beaches and virgin nature.

The accommodation options are limited. A few hotels and private villas offer stay. In case you decide to cook yourself a meal, try to get all needed ingredients. If the shop in Sinemorets lacks some of the goods, you will have to take a ride to Ahtopol.

One of the most beautiful rivers in Bulgaria, Veleka, is located only few hundred meters north of the village. Veleka flows into the sea and its creek is well-known for the breathtaking nature.

The hills offer view to the riverside. A big dune separates the sea from the river water.

A beach in the area is covered with fine sand and the conditions for sunbathing are excellent. Veleka’s waters teem with fish. Ask locals concerning the species and the type of bait to use.

In case you have no problems with waking up early, try experiencing the morning close to the river. Watching it from the hills will enable you see the thick fog that rises above Veleka’s waters.

The sea itself also offers fishing opportunities. One of the species found there is grey mullet.

Sinemorets has several beaches. One is the already mentioned spot close to Veleka. It is unprotected and steep, so be very careful especially if visiting with children. Boutamiata is the second beach, located in the southern part of the village. This beach is much closer to civilization because of the lounges and umbrellas. Lifeguards also take care of visitors’ security. The seabed is horizontal, lacking cliffs, which makes bathing a safe experience.

One of Bulgaria’s most beautiful beaches, Silistar, is located several km south of Sinemorets, on the road to Rezovo. Silistar is located in a small bay, close to the creek of the river by the same name.

Reaching the beach might be a difficult task, be prepared for a short but tough walk.

The region has been put under protection in 1992 because of the rare bird species nesting there.

Sinemorets is the coastal spot of preference of a small group of people. Yet, visitors who enjoyed the place once always return. This is your vacation village in case you are willing to escape from noisy crowds and tourist attractions.

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