Spa in Sandanski

Sandanski is probably the biggest balneological resort in Bulgaria. The mild winter and the warm wet summer are suitable for the healing of respiratory diseases. The Mediterranean Sea is situated nearby, thus affecting the local climate. In addition, Sandanski has mineral springs that attract lovers of spa procedures year-round.

For many years Sandanski has been known as a resort and economic development has always been connected to tourism. Many hotels, some of which very big and luxurious, function there. Almost all offer a wide range of spa and healing procedures. The many outdoors pools turn Sandanski into serious competition of the coastal resorts.

Historical attractions in the region allow sightseeing apart from spa treatment. If you feel tired of the various procedures, you can visit the nearby little town of Melnik or Petrich and even the ski resort of Bansko.

Sandanski is relatively big town that has traditions in tourism services. It has its restaurants, bars, clubs and parks, apart from the spa centers.

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