Spa in Stara Zagora Mineral Baths

Over the past few years, Stara Zagora Mineral Baths turned into a popular spa resort offering to its visitors a variety of balneological services. The beauty of Sredna Gora, the clean mountain air and the availability of healing springs turn the place into an excellent relaxation resort.

Climate in the region makes the winter mild and the summer warm and sunny. The temperature of the mineral springs reaches up to 42 degrees Celsius. Springs in the region are suitable for preventive and healing procedures.

Stara Zagora Mineral Baths make use of a beach that is favorite place for all people visiting the resort during the summer. Accommodation options are numerous. One night in a hotel will cost you from 60 up to 170 leva. Rest stations offer accommodation at prices varying between 15 and 40 leva.

Apart from the spa vacation, the region can offer you other rest options. The very center of the resort preserves a prehistoric settlement mound, which according to archaeologists date back to the 6th-4th millennia BC.

Mechi Kladenets region is the location of the oldest copper mines in Europe. These date back to the 5th century BC.

If you prefer mountain walks, you can make use of numerous options. Bogorodichna Stupka phenomenon is an interesting landmark to explore. It is situated 1.5 km away from the resort and has been named after one unusual rock formation that resembles a human step. According to the legend, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus descended from heaven at this place to save all believers from their sufferings. The place where she stepped preserves till present day the footprint. The ‘footprint’ is filled with water today. People believe that the water is healing and wash their face and hands wishing for health.

In 2003, a small chapel was constructed nearby.

Ezeroto (the lake) region is also situated close to the resort. There, you can have a picnic while enjoying the great nature.

Several eco paths start in the vicinities of Stara Zagora Mineral Baths. These will take you to some of the biggest Stara Planina landmarks.

Stara Zagora is situated 15 km away from the resort. There, you can enjoy entertainment options and the night life.

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