Culinary Temptations in the Rhodope Region

If you decide to visit the Rhodope Mountain region, have in mind that you will experience many culinary temptations.

For a start, we offer a trip from the town of Krichim to the spa resort of Devin. In half an hour you will reach Vucha dam. A small hotel named Villa Casanova opened there. The hotel’s restaurant offers many dishes. The carp cooked there is caught from the dam and is always fresh.

On the road from Devin to the village of Trigrad, you will see a small hotel called Orpheus. Orpheus offers typical Rhodope cuisine and the service is excellent.

The town of Smolyan also has spots that serve interesting dishes. All of its restaurants feature diverse menus. Make sure to try the Raikovski-style salad, as well as a typical Rhodope dish named patatnik. The original recipes are used for the preparation of the meals in this region only.

A beautiful village is situated south of Smolyan. Smilyan is known for its tasty beans. You can buy beans from almost every house in the village. Mlechnia Dom (the milk house) is a dairy farm situated in Smilyan that also has a restaurant. The dairy farm offers excellent products. Funds from the Swiss embassy have been used in the construction. Swiss recipes are used in the preparation of the dairy products.

Travel south of Smolyan, following the flow of Arda River. You will reach the village of Arda. Make sure to spare several hours and visit Dyadova Ryaka. This is a local landmark, known for its beauty. Ask locals for directions.

Dyadova Ryaka is a small meadow that features a shelter and pools. The region has a barbecue. If you get hungry, the shelter owner will ask you to catch fish yourself and will prepare them for you local-style. Grilled vegetables will be served as side dish.

If you want to try the barbecue, make sure to warn the owner a few days in advance. This experience is possible only during the summer since the shelter is almost inaccessible during the other seasons.

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