Culinary Temptations in the Pirin Region

Apart from its beautiful nature, the Pirin Mountain region is known for its tasty dishes. You can try the widest variety in the resort of Bansko. More than 300 restaurants and mehanas service tourists there.

Dedo Pene is one of the most interesting mehanas in Bansko. All dishes are tasty and served in unusual manner. Musicians will entertain you while you are enjoying the meal. Encouraged by the red wine, you can sing along. Each time a waiter gets a tip visitors of the mehana learn, since he hits hard a line of bells. Try banska kapama there. This dish is made of sauerkraut, sausage, stuffed vine leaves and several types of meat.

Another place offering good dishes is Molerovata Kushta. All the meals get prepared very fast and the food is tasty. Try rabbit prepared following a Bansko recipe. To try such dish, you will need to call and order a few days in advance. Once grilled meat is served, the skewer is usually driven into the ceiling.

Hazhi Georgi restaurant offers tsedeno mleko, yoghurt that is very thick. Some of the dishes are made using local herbs. To try some, you need to order a few days in advance.

The best Turkish delight banitsa in Bansko is prepared in Motikata restaurant. It resembles sweet pastry, prepared with Turkish delight and flavored additionally with sugar syrup.

Make sure to try the other Bansko mehanas and restaurants since each one offers something unique. Though the dishes are similar, the restaurants make use of their own recipes.

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