Iasna Poliana Village

The village of Iasna Poliana is situated 12 km away from the town of Primorsko and 36 km away from the coastal city of Bourgas, on the slopes of Strandzha Mountain. Centuries-old forests surround the village and Diavolska River flows nearby.

Until 1934, the village was named Ailan Kairak, which in Turkish means sunny place. Remains of fortress walls near the settlement made archaeologists believe that the region was populated in ancient times. It was mentioned for the first time in Ottoman registers in 1665.

Intellectuals, following the Tolstoist movement settled there in 1908. They founded a one of a kind for Bulgaria colony. In their honor, the village was named Iasna Poliana in 1934.

In 1998, the museum Bulgarian Iasna Poliana appeared. A two-floor building features exhibits connected to the activities of Tolstoist movement followers in Bulgaria. The collection attracts visitors from all parts of Europe.

Iasna Poliana is also the place where a wood sculpture symposium takes place. Sculpture creators from various countries among which Japan, France, Germany and Italy meet in the village each year to present their works in an open-air gallery.

Locals respect and follow their traditions. Nestinari dances (fire dances) are performed each year on St. Konstantin and Elena’s day.

Make sure to visit during the spring, when koukeri dance masked in leather and covered in bells.

The proximity of Iasna Poliana to the sea makes the sea a favorite place of tourists, fishermen and hunters. Iasna Poliana dam is situated one km away from the village and features mainly carp. Boars, deer and other animal species inhabit the forests.

Bird watching is also possible in the area.

Iasna Poliana is situated near Ropotamo preserve and Petrova Niva region, both starting points of eco tourism paths. Rural tourism has been developed in the village itself.

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