Lozenets Village

Lozenets is a resort village in Tsarevo municipality, which significantly expanded over the past years.

The village is situated 65 km south of the town of Bourgas, between Kiten and Tsarevo. It was founded in the 20s of the 20th century and initially acted as a villa zone of the village of Velika.

Tourists can make use of two beaches in Lozenets, Central and Tarfa. Both have lifeguards and are clean. Naturally, caf├ęs and restaurants abound. The beaches offer good conditions for the practice of various water sports like surfing, diving and fishing.

Near Lozenets, you can discover the beaches of several ex-camps like Koral, Iug and Oasis. Nature park Strandzha is situated nearby, starting from the village of Velika. Velika offers accommodation opportunities and prices are much lower than the ones in Lozenets. If you want to enjoy peacefulness or if your vacation budget is limited, accommodation in Velika is a better option.

Ropotamo preserve is another nature landmark situated near Lozenets. Veleka and Diavolska rivers flow near the village. Both rivers offer good fishing conditions. Beglik Tash sanctuary is located 14 km away from Lozenets.

Lozenets offers various accommodation opportunities. Recently, several clubs appeared in the village. They offer good service and quality.

If you are a party animal, take a trip to Kiten and Primorsko, where night life is quite active.

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