Elenite Resort

The resort of Elenite is located 45 km north of Bourgas and only a few kilometers from the popular coastal resort of Sunny Beach.

Elenite boasts a wonderful location in a tiny bay. The resort has nearly one kilometer of beaches, covered with the finest, white sand. Only a few hotels function there, as well as a few villas located on the green slopes in the area.

Luxury is a must in Elenite. The resort is rather calm and the prices predetermine the type of tourists who spend their vacation there. Visitors have good taste, relatively high wages and are willing to pay for an enjoyable vacation experience.

Most hotels and villas offer all-inclusive packages.

A number of summer sports can be practices in the resort. The beautiful surroundings also make long walks possible.

Cape Emine, as well as the popular wild beach area of Irakli are located nearby. Attractions and entertainment opportunities abound in the nearby Sunny Beach.

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