Lozenska Mountain

Lozenska Mountain is relatively small and sometimes remains unnoticed because of the nearby Vitosha.

The mountain is located in western Bulgaria, south of Sofia. It is situated between Pancharevo and Pasarel. The southwestern border of the mountain reaches the Iskar dam region. The foot of Lozenska Mountain houses the villages of Gabra, Dolni Pasarel, Lozen and German.

With the appearance of these villages, the mountain territory was slowly cut by numerous unpaved roads and pathways.

Tourists use these paths, as well. Lozenska Mountain has various things to show to visitors. The remains of one of the biggest and most important Bulgarian middle age fortresses can be seen there. Ourvhich fortress has rich but mysterious history and numerous legends are told as explanations.

Four monasteries are also situated in the mountain. These are Lozen, German, Dolnopasarelski and Pancherevski monasteries. A few chapels also exist but just some of them function.

Lozenska Mountain lacks functioning cabins. The shelters are only few and do not have proper equipment.

Getting lost in the mountain area is rather difficult to accomplish. A network of paths and roads leads to the villages and recently these paths were properly marked.

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