The small town of Kavarna is located on Bulgaria’s northern Black Sea coast. Its population reaches only 13 000 people and its nature, though enchanting, limits the tourist traffic. Kavarna’s shore is rocky and sandy beaches are almost entirely missing. One other feature attracts hundreds of tourists. Lovers of rock music meet in Kavarna each … Read more


Seaside Resort Balchik

Located on the northeastern coast of Bulgaria, Balchik is a town with a rich history that dates back over 2000 years. Initially settled by the Thracians, it later became a Greek settlement known as Krounoi and Dionysopolis. The town grew into a strategic trade and marine center, but declined after repeated attacks by the Romans. … Read more

Belogradchik Fortress

The Belogradchik fortress is located in the western Stara Planina Mountain region, surrounded by the astounding Belogradchik rocks. Romans built it as a way to protect their roads. Belogradchik was part of a big defense system along with other facilities in the region. The defenders communicated via various signals in cases of danger. Natural rocks … Read more

Belogradchik Rocks

Belogradchik Rocks

Belogradchik Rocks is probably the best known rock phenomenon in Bulgaria. The amazing natural formations can be observed near the town of Belogradchik. Cliffs are situated in an area of 30 km and have been divided into three groups. The central one is considered to be most interesting for observation. Throughout time, weather conditions have … Read more