Biking in the Rhodopes

Biking in the Rhodopes Mountains

Rhodope Mountains have some of the most picturesque regions in the country. The summer there is truly green and the wonderful sites make many tourists fall in love with the mountain. The Rhodopes feature natural, historic and ethnographic landmarks. As in other parts of the country, lovers of extreme experiences have created tracks that combine … Read more

Extreme Water Sports in Bulgaria

Extreme Water Sports in Bulgaria

Extreme water sports are gaining popularity in Bulgaria. The options include rafting, canyoning, water cave exploration and kayaking. Rafting in Bulgaria A sport, where a raft is utilized to make a descent downstream. Rafting conditions are best during the spring. As with other extreme sports, clubs provide training and the needed equipment. Rafting is possible … Read more

Culinary Temptations in the Pirin Region

typical dishes in the Pirin cuisine

Apart from its beautiful nature, the Pirin Mountain region is known for its tasty dishes. You can try the widest variety in the resort of Bansko. More than 300 restaurants and mehanas service tourists there. Dedo Pene is one of the most interesting mehanas in Bansko. All dishes are tasty and served in unusual manner. … Read more

Culinary Temptations in the Rhodope Region

traditional dish from the Rhodope cuisine

If you decide to visit the Rhodope Mountain region, have in mind that you will experience many culinary temptations. For a start, we offer a trip from the town of Krichim to the spa resort of Devin. In half an hour you will reach Vucha dam. A small hotel named Villa Casanova opened there. The … Read more

Spa in Stara Zagora Mineral Baths

Spa in Stara Zagora Mineral Baths

Over the past few years, Stara Zagora Mineral Baths turned into a popular spa resort offering to its visitors a variety of balneological services. The beauty of Sredna Gora, the clean mountain air and the availability of healing springs turn the place into an excellent relaxation resort. Climate in the region makes the winter mild … Read more